Features Affiliate program plugins to woo commerce for enhance your business


Affiliate program is one the method for achieve money in woo commerce. Your customers encourage by affiliate program than enhance your business. You no need to build management system affiliate program in woo commerce. You can that by many plugins that gradually identify them in google chrome. You getting know them in this article.

Reason for add affiliate program to woo commerce

When you add to woo commerce, all of your customers, clients and fans encourage selling your products as possible quickly by high volume and each of them receive commission per sale. You by this method could sell all of your products by mass volume and other people who are corporate with you they benefited from this profitable program. Each person could get special code for own affiliate program.

Each person according own code could receive commission. Of course you could determine commission rate and announce that in your website. Commission rate depends to your decision. But in normal tolerates between 5 to %10 for physical products and you could specify 30% for digital products.

Really you encourage your woo commerce partners to sell your products and you have passive income without you suffer for obtain money.

Many web managers could proceed this spectacular program in own sale products but confuse what they do for accomplish that.

You could use affiliate program plugin in woo commerce. We introduce those for you in this article.

  • Affiliate program royal

Affiliate program

This premium plugin for affiliate program and you could incorporate it with your woo commerce. After install it in woo commerce, it could be shown plugin in affiliate program at woo commerce. By click on tab you could see this window.

Even you could specify your commission at this affiliate program, customize how to welcome to your customers, getting sales notification and other settings.

Setting for affiliate program page is another possibility in this plugin. Management rate commission is easy for you. Only you could got option tab and then integration tab and finalize rate commission and other settings.

Only there is need control woo commerce and affiliate program what connected each other.

After that you could specify rate commission for affiliate program. This plugin lets you specify various rate commissions for you commercial patterns.  Commission tab gives you this possibility. You only type percentage what you give to each commercial partners. At affiliate tab you could specify rate commission for each person who corporate with you.

And at this section we bring pro and cons for this option than better you could make decision for that.


  • Affiliate program tab is one of the brisk and sincere methods for start own woo commerce. You need install plugin on your web browser.
  • You could monitor each sale and rate commission on your
  • You could design commercial banners for your affiliate program
  • Affiliate program plugin in woo commerce could modernize routinely and no need download it when you connect to internet.
  • You could access to sale reports of affiliate program partners and other possibilities you could even thin them.
  • Establish 99 various different levels for rate commission. Even you could specify high rate commission for some partners.
  • Royal affiliate program not depend to fee sale. Even you only pay fee yearly for this plugin.


  • Your affiliate program partners could get links what you specify them. This possibility helps you not a lot of work or annoy you.
  • Access to money in 14 duration money back. If this plugin not works but you can access money when you want it.
  • This plugin not offer in trail version.


You need to pay $ 85 for a year in order charge it. If you use that in several websites, pay $ 165 for this plugin. Access to this plugin is possible by no update or support from this company.

  • Affiliate WP

This is another affiliate program plugin for you. After pay for that, download it easily.

Going to affiliate tab in your dashboard and monitor your affiliate program sales. When you install it, this window appears it.

By going to settings in affiliate program and click to integration tab than after that that appears on top of your screen.

You only click on woo commerce and after that save changes at the bottom page. Now you can access to woo commerce store online and control who enter this store.

You could specify various levels rate. Even you could access to all of who are enrolled to your affiliate program and woo commerce and monitor their rate commission.

Of course rate commission is to be default and you could change rate commission and you need to go settings and click on referral rate on general tab.

This is another affiliate program plugin for you


  • You could make various rate commissions for your partners. May be you can make special rate commission for who works for you.
  • You can make referral link accompany rate commission. No need set up them by hand.
  • This plugin has several free and paying add ones, so you can customize that whatever you want to be.
  • Everybody can use this plugin easily. It has amazing options for using.
  • You can achieve ROI in thirteen days.
  • There is only pay yearly fee and after that no need to pay for extending use period.

Of course affiliate program WP has many pricing levels


  • If you mind change you cannot change payback system in this plugin. This plugin works for you and not worry about that.
  • Some add ones work at every time, if you want to have more add-ons you should pay money for use them.


Of course affiliate program WP has many pricing levels. Lowest they are $ 99 for a year, and you could use it for a single website. By pay $ 249 for other add-ons. Membership fee is $499 for that.

Lowest rate pricing affiliate program they are $ 99 for a year and you could use it for a single website

  • Share A Sale

This plugin is some different to others, that works in networks based and WordPress is not suitable environment for that.

You could register as merchant and its wizard will be automatically at this manner. After you install it, you can go to ShareAsale WC Tracker in your dashboard, finally see your ID merchant as you register at first phase.

You could reimburse your money by duplicated income by this plugin. Automatic reconciliation tab all this, so control that.

You should API token and API secret when you login at this plugin. So it is better to merchant API at tools. You save settings and after that those are permanent for your use that.

You can share commission to your affiliate program


  • This plugin based network and products will be promoted.
  • You can use it by all of software and no need to install any software on your websites except those are related to that.
  • There is no need to pay money for that.
  • You can share commission to your affiliate program.
  • Commission rate is monitor by that program and no need install any additional software.


  • This plugin is costly and it’s worth $ 550 and you can reimburse your money by pay $ 100 for that.
  • You pay % 20 fee for all commissions even $ 1 at every commission.
  • Establish that is more easy

Enabled affiliate program plugins could be block an d unblock by you


Cost this plugin is & 550. You can receive 20% of affiliate expenses. You should $ 100 for your affiliate partners.  You should pay another pay if your 20% fee not reach to 25% at specified month. Of course this occurs at first period.


Now you know about affiliate program plugin in woo commerce. You could compare these with the best plugins in woo commerce host providers.

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