7 backlink tools that you should know

If you are curious about your backlink that where are they coming from, or you want to examine on a competitor’s site.

One way to increase your web traffic or have good searching ranks is backlinks.

In this tutorial, we explain the best backlink checker tools to analyze your site’s backlinks or your competitor’s website.

What is backlinks?

When someone use your links in their website it called backlinks. It is important for SEO because more backlinks means higher rank in search engine.

Don’t forget that all kind of it, is not helpful some of them are harmful too. It depend on how respected website use it.

First step is install and activate Yoast plugin (which is for WordPress SEO).

After that you need to use a backlinks checker tool in order to examine your website and you competitors.

Let‘s go through this helpful article to learn track tools for it.


We highly recommend SEMRush. It is one of the best backlink checker tools ever. This website has lots of variety fir realizing any things about backlink, and by showing the competitor’s website keyword will show you how they come in good rank. The problem is that it is free just for 30 days.

Like this picture you have to write domain name in address box to see detail.

Analyzing backlinks with SEMRush

For using this backlinks checker tools, you will need a Mangools account. It has some nice feature like

  • Filter links by nofollow, new, lost and deleted
  • Have favorite lists of it
  • View top referring domains or total site’s backlinks
  • Just have 10 day free

Front end of linkminer

  • Ubersuggest

The principle tool of Ubersuggest is searching keyword, but it have some backlinks checker tools, too.

The Ubersuggest tools

It is like other backlinks checker tools, the only difference is that it is free but, the free version will give small number of domain and have limited feature.


  • Ahrefs


Ahrefs strong site for backlinks checker tools. Like other one you can filter deleted link, or identify broken links(404 page).

Other featured:

  • Examine internal links
  • Examine competitor’s site by link type filter
  • 7 day free

  • Moz Pro

You can easily check what your competitor’s might be do different from yours by link explorer tool.

It has amazing tools which is Link intersect, which can show you that which site have your competitor’s link but not you.

Although it have backlink checker tool, Moz also let you to have access SEO tools.

And it have 30 day free trial.

Compared backlinks profile

  • BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo help you to see analyze your content and also your competitor content, But it can also let you in backlink checker tools.

You can easily type keyword or domains to see what content is more popular.

Also you can type URL to see backlinks that point what content.


OenLinkProfiler comes from SEOprofiler because of that it will give you free tool for analyzing backlinks. OpenLinkProfiler have different option for filtering link.

If you have a question about which is better, our answer will be SEMRush, because it is the best SEO tool ever.

Thanks for reading this article, we hope that it was helpful for you.

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