The ways for add a contact form in wordpress

at first, you should know that every websites should have contact form. Because contact form can help your visitors to contact with your products other things that exists in your websites.

In this article, we tell you how easily you can create or add contactform in word press. It can be important for your visitors and your websites.

Why contact form is important?

Many people say that we can use our email address instead of a contact form, what do we need a contact form for? On the other hand, some people or its better say that beginner because of code knowledge don’t like contact form.

Why contact form is important?

but if you want to create a contactform with following ways, you don’t need any code. Here are some reasons that show you why contact form better than email address, these are the reasons:

save time: contactform can save your time more than you expect. Whit it you can tell your visitors of websites that what to expect or what happens next?

Suitable information: email address cant allow you to get the clear information from your users but contactform enables you that get the necessary or intended information from them. The information likes phone number or budget.

Safe and protection from spam: if you add your email address on websites, you should have get a lot of spam, but with contactform it does not work. The spam emails get aside.

This is an example of contact form. After you create this, you should add it on your websites. The following 6 way can help you.

choose the best contact form

  1. choose the best contact form

At first, you should choose the best contact form. You should do it from your plugin. We recommend the WP forms. It’s the best option for create the contact form.

The reason that show the WP forms is a best option. These reasons such as:

. the beginners are familiar with it and you should easily create the contat forms with it.

. WP forms is free and million sites use it.

. if you upgrade the WP forms pro, the powerful features are ready.

  1. install the contact form plugin in word press

You install the WP forms and then go to the dashboard and plugins and click on add new. After that the plugin is install, you should try it to make sure that it is activate.

  1. build contact form

 Go to the dashboard and then click on WP forms menu and you see the add new. Go in to and build your contact name and add the intended template. With templates you can build every contactform that you like or intended.

If you feel that your contact needs the edit, you can click on fields and when you want to add new field, you should click on left side bar. Finally, you should click on save button.

  1. adjustment the form notification and confirmation

Form notification and confirmation is very important for your websites. Form notification can notifies you when an email is sent to you and form confirmation is a confirmation that users will send you. Its include the thanked message or ….

For adjustment these two option, you should go to the setting, you can change the form confirmation to every thing that you like. Even if you can send the notification form to multiply or custom email. If you want that, you can change it.

For multiply email, you should add each email.

  1. add contactform in a page

After that you have done all of the ways in order, its time to add contactform in your page. At first, you should create a new page in word press and then add the contact in it.

For this, you go to the new block in WP forms and then click it to add in your page. Then add contact. Now you can see the contact form on your page, save it and make sure that it is active.

  1. add contact form in sidebar

If you want to add your contactform in side bar. You should go to the appearance & widget. When you see the WP forms widget, drag it to any widget you like and exists areas of you’re themes.

Then, add the title and save it. Now you have the contact form in wordpress.

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