Guidelines to create Free Gift Coupon in WooCommerce

Free Gift Coupons for customers

Have you ever received a Free Gift Coupon for your buying something? It feels good, doesn’t it? Now, most of sales shopping offer a Free Gift Coupon to their customers. Because of its advantages:

  • Free Gift Coupon is a great way to make more sales and financial consequences
  • It raises the average range of your order value
  • It brings your prospects back on your online store

Here, we teach you how to add a Free Gift Coupon in WooCommerce on your websites.

Why should offer a FreeGift Coupon?

Freebies and discounts entices different customers to buy even if they don’t want to. So, as a salesperson, you’d better utilize these options to make a better business. Free Gift Coupons are exactly what you need. Here are several reasons:

  • These gifts effectuate higher sales and more average order value, for example: “Buy above 200$ and get a free bag”
  • Add a Free Gift Coupon to encourage customers
  • More than 70 percent of people who visit your website, will never come back, because of this, ask your customers to sing up for an email. Due to this, a Free Gift Coupon capture more email addresses, so be sure of more coming back.
  • This creates a funny and friendly relationship between your customers and you.

What to give as a Free Gift?

Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot money for giving free gifts to your customers. Furthermore, you do it, by giving away something useful for customers and at the same time, cost-effective for you.

Many of online stores present branded goods as Free Gift Coupons. You can use accessories (shirts, books, bags, …) as a gift too.

But the question is:

How to create these Free Gift Coupons in WooCommerce?

We introduce you the best coupon code plugin on the market, means Advanced Coupons plugin. By this plugin, you can easily manage Free Gift Coupons in thousands ways and promote WooCommerce sales.

First of all, install and active the plugin . Now, you can see coupons page added to WooCommerce in WordPress admin dashboard.

Free Gift Coupon

As shown at the picture, you can add a new coupon in this part. Then write the coupon code that you want to show at the top of page screen.

Free Gift Coupon

Now, go down to “coupon date” section and click on ‘add product’

In the opened tab, mark those products which you want to offer.

Define your gifts and select $ sign which contained in the ‘Price/Discount’ column.

Advanced coupon

Now, save your product. You can offer more Free Gift Coupons in this part.

These coupon codes are used by customers when they want to buy something. They enter the code and automatically it will be added to their shopping for free.

There is another type of coupon called Advanced coupon. You offer them when you want to prompt your customers to spend more.

Easily, do stages mentioned above and go to Usage Restriction tab. Define minimum spend for your customers.

Gift Coupons

Finish, you offered some Free Gift Coupons to your customers.




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