How to have online yoga class

If you are a yoga teacher and you don’t have a place for teaching, don’t worry at all.

I know it seems hard to do yoga online, but it is simple and possible.

I this article we wanna learn 5 simple steps that you need to have your own online yoga class.

Having an online yoga class have lots of benefits, for instance, you don’t have to go outside to have your class or stocking in traffic and any other financial benefit.

And also, besides having online yoga class you can earn money

How to take an online yoga class:

While it might seem specialist, it is actually quite simple to do. You don’t need to learn you just need 5 easy tool.

  • Any platform to teach yoga like website

There are so many ways to participate in an online yoga class like YouTube, Instagram. Although they seem great, one of the biggest problems of these is that you don’t have full control of your account. Imagine that your account got deleted, then you have to get it back which has a difficult process.

Plus, as a teacher you might need have online communication. For having an online yoga classes, you will need video services.

Zoom is our recommendation, which is free and you can have 100 video.

Online yoga class

We offer you creating free website with WordPress because you have freedom to upgrade your business. Prerequisite of creating website is host and domain that you have to learn it before reading this article.

  • Creating pages

After run up with you’re an online yoga classes website, you will need to create some necessary pages.

You have to separated your work information in defined page for instance, your about page have to contain of your work and yourself, or on your yoga classes page might have information about dates and times of you’re an online yoga classes.

And also you will need a page for signing up and customer payment.

  • Taking payment and agreement signatures

 For creating a sign up page, first you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin.

WPForms have payment online tools, but for this you will need the pro one.

This is a front end of payment page.


If you want an agreement for you’re an online yoga classes, you have to use addone for WPForms plugin.

  • Sell yoga classes online with a membership site

Normally, you have one choice to get money from your trainee, but like what I said before you can have earn money without doing any yoga classes. You could offer some video or some yoga product.

Like always we have an idea for this, which is memberpress WordPress plugin. It has some tool to make package and purchases access.

Membership front page

Imagine that, you can 3 level learning video, if one of your trainee paid just for beginner course, then they would have access only on beginner level page not 2 other, that will help you to protect your video from those who hadn’t pay for it

  • Communicate easily

If you want to grow for you’re an online yoga classes business, you will need an emails newsletter to share your discount, new course to those you have sign up already.

Our recommendation is constant contact. It is the best email marketing ever.

If you want free plan take a look at this two: SendinBlue and MailerLite.

Email comminucation

We hope this article was interested you to build your own an online yoga classes or any other ability that you have with WordPress which is the most amazing platform.

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