6 online resume websites builders that easy to use

Online resume is very practical for beginners, but many of them do not know which websites builders is suitable for them. In this article, we show them which websites builders can help them to build online resume websites.

Stay with us to know the ways. This builders are simple and easy to use.

At first, you should know why create online resume is important.

if you have a factory or if you are a manager, the online resume can help your employers to search you faster and easier online. One of the great way to dominate in google search is online resume. It can cause that your name can be search in google.

If you don’t  have online resume, don’t worry. The following ways can help you to create it. Here are 6 best online resume builders that we explain it.

  1. word press. Org

WordPress one of the best builders for create online resume. Its uses by millions. Word press is very flexible, easy to use and help you to do anything with your websites. At first, you should domain your name. you should buy domain name and web hosting.


Word press allow you to create any type pf websites and if you want change or add some thing in it, word press can easy it for you.


if you are beginner and use word press, it can take a lot of time to use.

  1. constant contacts websites builders

With constant contacts websites builder you can quickly build your online resume.

With this builders, you should not buy web hosting.


constant contacts websites builders

If you are an beginners, the builders are suitable for you. After that you sign up, you should create your site.


You should put your site live, if you want to use constant contact websites builder for create online resumes.

  1. visual CV

This builder is international focus. This builders allow you to create resumes and cover the letters that you download.


This builders is free and its disadvantage is that you should create you online resumes just when you are on paid plan.

  1. kick resume

This builders designed for creating online resumes and very suitable.


You can import important information from your account. Its disadvantage is that this builders has a lot of nice theme but all of them are similar.

5.word press. Com

word press. Com

Word press. Com is a commercial builder for create online resume. This builder have hosting.

Advantage and disadvantage

Its very easy for beginners and handled of every thing is very easy. The disadvantage is that you should not built in themes and find some thing that suit for your site is very challenging.


This builders is vey popular and like the constant contact websites builders.

The advantages is easy to use because has a drag and drop and the disadvantages are no free plan for gator.

Which one is the best for build online resume?

If you are the beginners, our recommend is word press. You can add some pages and features on your websites. It’s a suitable and affordable option for you to create online resume.

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