how to display recent post in WordPress

If you are looking for increasing your website view, one amazing way is to show your recent post that you have been shared recently in your WordPress site, because they will stay on your site to see and read your new content.

There are a several way to add your post,like:

  • Sidebar
  • After the end of your post content
  • Inside your post content with a short code
  • In your footer widget area

Follow our article if you want to display post in WordPress using a variety of easy and different method.

Why add post in WordPress is important?

Imagine that you have been shared lots of post on your WordPress blog or website for a long time, after a time those post get regular traffic from search engines and other sources, so some user will use and check your post and leave, other may never see your website again.

So, if you want to make them back to your website, one way to do this is by displaying them another post that maybe they did not saw.

When they start seeing more pages, you have the chance for convincing them to sign up they email for a new post or making a purchase.

Here is 4 method :

  1. Use word press’s latest posts Gutenberg block
  2. Use the WordPress widget
  3. Use the widget with thumbnails plugin
  4.  using a shortcode

Method 1.  Use wordpress’s latest posts Gutenberg block

This is a built-in block for displaying that you can easily add. For edit this you have to go Dashboard>>pages tab>>add new

Adding the latest post block to a page

By default, it just shows the this title, but you can easily customize and change it.

You can change the location or title value.

Configuration of block

Or can show the date or how they organized.

Configuration of block

Or you can add image and have some featured images, resize it or align them.

Featured image

Method 2. Use the WordPress recents posts widget

 What if you want to Show on sidebar.

Go Dashboard>>appearance>>widgets then add post to side bar.

Recent post

Method 3. Use the posts widget with thumbnails plugin

Because method 2 is quite limited, we offer you to use this method when you want to display thumbnail and excerpts with post.

Let’s go for it. Install and activate the WordPress recents posts widget with thumbnails plugin, then appearance>>widget>>down page you will see recent posts with thumbnails

Recent posts with thumbnails plugin

You have lots of variety for customizing your side bar, show posts in specific categories, ignore sticky posts or display random post and more.

Recent post

Method 4. Display with using a shortcode

For this method you will need install and activate display plugin. After that you can use shortcode (this: [display-posts]) and easily change it in what you want.

this plugin have option that you need for customizing.


[Display_posts posts_per_page=”3″ post_type=”page” post_parent=”5″]

We try our best to help you understand the importance of your website view and learn 4 method to share your in WordPress.

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